7 Things You Must Know Before Fuji Mountain Climbing

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Mountain Fuji is one of the most iconic symbols of Japan. Apart from this, the mountain is beloved by both tourists and residents as well. Many people dream of reaching on the summit in order to be the witness of sunrise from Japan’s tallest and sacred mountain. Before going to climb that mountain, you should know about the mountain. The information will help from any disturbance. Thus, you can do a safe and enjoyable climbing over there!! 

Important Facts You Should Know

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Here are some essential tips or things you must know before climbing on mountain Fuji. Because reaching the top is nit like any joke. So, keep in touch with these tips for safe climbing!

#1 Mt. Fuji For Hiking Season 

Of course, you can theoretically climb on the mountain Fuji at any time of the year, but it is recommended every people to hike during the official time, which is between July to September. This time is the best for every climber to climb or hike on the mountain. If you are experienced, then you can be allowed to go there in the off-season. Otherwise, it is not safe for every time. 

#2 There Is More Than One Way Up!

There are four trails available that you can select for hiking Fuji, and these differ in difficulties in hiking time. Mountain Fuji has ten rest stations, and most of the stations begin at 5th station. So, check the information before choosing the trail. 

#3 Pack Accessories Accordingly 

When you are deciding to go for climbing, then it is the first concern that you should take all the essential element or tool for a safe sport. You have to take hiking boots, warm clothing, flashlight, water, snacks, walking stick, compressed oxygen, goggles, cap, etc. First, you have to make a common list of tools and then take them accordingly. 

#4 Start Climbing At Night For A Sunrise Surprise At The Summit Of Mt. 

You are free to decide your climbing time. If you ask, the better time to climb, then the night is always recommended. If you begin your climbing at night, then you can reach the summit at sunrise, which makes you so amazed. 

#5 Beware Of Altitude Sickness 

Most of the people associate altitude sickness with flying, but the reality is, it can be quite common when climbing at the extreme elevation. The symptoms of altitude sickness include trouble breathing, dizziness, nausea, and headaches. You may take rest and when you feel comfortable, then start your journey. 

#6 Payable Restroom At Fuji 

If you want to take rest for some time, then you can get a beautiful restroom. However, you have to pay for the room. You can get all the essential things and take a break there. 

#7 Pray And Enjoy The Summit 

the summit of the mountain Fuji is quite interesting and exciting for every climber. At the summit, you can find okumiya, and kusushi shrines, gift shops, restaurants, and more. These are the common facts that you must know before going to climb on the mountain fuji!

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