6 Useful Rock Climbing Tips For Beginners

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Whether they are national parks or luxury cruises, rock climbing can be found almost everywhere. Gone are the days when people didn’t take much interest in this sport. Today, kids, as well as adults, love to climb, and for good reasons. Well, if you are new to it, we recommend following these rock climbing tips for beginners.

Buy The Right Climbing Gear

Invest in the essential climbing gear before you opt for rock climbing. It’s better to but the climbing gear than rent it. This will let you save tons of money especially when you are planning to make climbing your hobby. Well, the essential gear items you need to buy are climbing shoes, carabiner, harness, helmet, rope bag, crash pads, climbing rope, quickdraws, and specialized clothing.

Rock Climbing Tips For Beginners
6 Useful Rock Climbing Tips For Beginners

Take A Climbing Course

If you dream to climb a natural summit, start small at first. Take a climbing course at a local park or climbing gym to learn the basics of the sport. In the course, the climbing instructor will teach you how to use protection devices, belay safely, use an anchor system, and communicate effectively. If you opt for an advanced course, the instructor will teach you different techniques for climbing. Taking the course will make you a confident climber and will also allow you to do rock climbing safely.

Warm-Up Before Climbing Session

One of the best ways to prevent injuries is to do light exercises as a warm-up. Warming up also reduces soreness in muscles and even prepares the body. You can do arm circles and leg swings as a warm-up. Besides these, jumping jacks, squats, and wrist circles also increase blood circulation. You can also do light climbing as a warm-up.

Strengthen Your Core

Although you don’t need six-pack abs to do rock climbing successfully, strengthening your core will definitely ease climbing. Focus on strengthening your back core as well as the lower abdomen. Do exercises such as planks, reverse crunches, bicycle crunches, sit-ups, and hanging knee raises.You can also plan a yoga class and practice a variety of poses to strengthen the whole body. Yoga poses will not only increase your core strength but will also boost flexibility and mental focus. These rock climbing tips for beginners will help affix your feet on the rock climbing wall or terrain without letting you lose focus.  


Many times climbing a steep terrain can make climbers nervous, scared, and tired. Especially if you are climbing a hilly slope, your legs can shake out of fear or not getting enough oxygen. In such cases, breathe deeply as you accelerate forward. You can also practice deep breathing before starting your climbing session. Breathing deeply on a regular basis will relax your mind and also allow you to focus better.

Do A Positive Self-Talk

Rock Climbing Tips For Beginners
6 Useful Rock Climbing Tips For Beginners

Our mind is a major tool and how we think can make a difference in what we wish to do. If you have a negative mind and think you can’t climb, you can’t. However, if you think you can do that even if you don’t succeed at first, you can still do it.

Other Rock Climbing Tips:

  • Keep your shoulders engaged while climbing.
  • If your calluses have grown big, scrub them to take the extra skin off.
  • Massage your body from time to time to treat sore muscles. You can visit a salon for a whole-body massage or work with a foam roller.
  • Do opposition exercises such as shoulder presses and push-ups for efficient climbing.
  • Learn to accept your failure and deal with fears. If you fail to climb for the first time, don’t think you can’t successfully climb ever.

Get started with these rock climbing tips for beginners to climb safely and happily.

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