The Climbing Games: Part 4

4 Best Climbing Games –Part 4
4 Best Climbing Games –Part 4

Now that you’ve read about some climbing games, you are now aware of the many training benefits it brings. Through participating in these challenges, you are able to improve your strength, fitness and agility. Therefore, preparing you for the outdoor climbs that pose the same challenges that the climbing games aim to address. Moreover, these climbing games are a great way to bond with your climbing group and build stronger relationships and connections that will aid in the sharing experiences and skills. Here are four more climbing games you can try to encourage skill strengthening.

One Arm

The one arm climbing game is one of the more challenging games that you can participate in. It can be done solo or with a group of climbers. No extra equipment is needed aside from the usual harness and rope.

How to Play

  • First choose a rock climbing route for yourself or the group that matches the skill level of the participants.
  • Then, each player must ascend the wall with one hand behind their backs, using only one hand/arm to climb the wall.
  • The winner is the person who can climb the highest without falling.
  • A variation of this game is the one leg, which is similar but instead of using only one arm you are using only one leg to climb.

Shark Attack

4 Best Climbing Games –Part 4
4 Best Climbing Games –Part 4

Shark attack can be played by both children and adults. The game is one of those “just for fun” climbing games and is better played in large groups. No additional equipment is needed for this game.

How to Play

  • Choose a leader for the game.
  • The group then stands near the rock climbing wall in an inward facing position.
  • The leader will shout “SHARK ATTACK” and everyone must run towards the wall and climb on.
  • The last person to climb the wall is out.
  • The process is repeated until only one participant remains.


Horse is a simple climbing game that should be played with a group. It is great for improving your strength and balance. It involves climbers each competing to complete a route or problem using the number of holds decided by dice.

Equipment Needed:

  • Dice
  • Regular climbing equipment.

How to Play:

  • The participants will decide on a climbing route or problem with a defined start and end.
  • The first participant then rolls the dice to see how many moves they will have to complete the route or problem.
  • Getting to the starting point does not count as a move.
  • Participants who cannot complete the rout with the given number of moves are out.
  • The next route is then decided by the remaining players and the dice is thrown again.
  • The process repeats until only one player is left, being the winner.


If you have trouble remembering routes, problems, and sequences then memory is the game for you. It will improve your memory skills while also enhancing your agility and strength. No other equipment is needed aside from the usual climbing gear.

How to Play:

  • One person will decide on a sequence from 4 up to 10 moves. No markings should be made on the wall.
  • All climbers will then complete the sequence.
  • If a climber makes a mistake, they are out.
  • When all remaining climbers have completed the sequence a new one will be made.
  • Last person standing is the winner.

Now that you know a bunch of climbing games to play, you can pick the right one that best suits your training needs. Each one has its own unique way of addressing your skills while others are just for fun. All in all, climbing games are a great way to bond with your group and share skills, tips and tricks to becoming a better climber.

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