The Climbing Games Part 3

The benefits of climbing games are endless. They provide you with proper training for more advanced climbs. Additionally, they aid in building your strength and help you unlock beta when it comes to game challenges. Not only do you have great fun while participating in the challenges set out, but you are also getting training that improves your endurance and route-finding skills. Below are four more game challenges you can use to further your skills and abilities.


Pick-up involves placing hoops in different sections of the rock climbing wall. It is the goal of the climber to gather as many hoops within a set time limit. This activity helps improve your route-finding skills and agility. It also keeps you mentally engaged as you find the quickest the surest routes to collect the most hoops in the given time.


  • Hoops to collect
  • Regular climbing equipment

How to Play:

  • Place the hoops in various locations on the rock climbing wall.
  • Participants must collect as many hoops as possible within the given time limit using different routes and techniques.
  • The player that collects the most hoops wins

Rock Climbing Tag

This is a variation of a classic game that takes it to the rocks. All ages can play this games to improve their skills and is great for beginners who want to learn how to properly route-find quickly and efficiently. No special equipment is needed except for the regular ones and you will need two or more players to do this activity.

How to Play

  • The group spreads out across the rock climbing vertically and the participant below climbs to attempt to tag the next person above them.
  • If you fall, then you have to start over from the back.
  • Anyone who is tagged is out.
  • The winner is the first to make it to the top without being tagged.

Drag Race

For this game, you will need at least two people as it involves competition. Drag race is a bouldering or rock climbing game that is great for training. It helps you improve your skills in climbing quickly and smoothly. Additionally, the drag race game aids in enhancing your power-endurance.

Equipment Needed:

  • Regular climbing equipment
  • Stopwatch and timer

How to Play:

  • Set the timer for 15 minutes for boulder problems or 30 minutes for rock climbing routes.
  • Participants must then complete as many boulder problems or routes within the given time.
  • Points are given for different routes or climbs, with higher points allocated for more difficult rock climbing routes or boulder problems.
  • The winner is the participant who has the most points at the end of the time.

Forced Falls

4 Best Climbing Games –Part 3
4 Best Climbing Games –Part 3

This is a great game to play in order for beginners to over come their fear of falling.  Forced falls requires two players. One as the belayer and the other as the climber. It is a great game to help build confidence and overcome the initial fears they have when it come to falling from walls. No additional equipment is needed aside from the usual climbing gear.

How to Play

  • One person climbs the wall while the belayer shouts “fall” at any given moment.
  • The climber must then let go from the wall as soon as the command is given.
  • The players then switch rolls after a set number of turns.

For more climbing games that you can use to advance your skills check out the next article, Best Climbing Games- Part 4!

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