3 Types of Climbing


Find the Right Experience For You

Climbing can be a challenging sport to learn however, once you have grasped the basics it can be fulfilling to reach new heights as you advance in the sport. Most climbers have had wonderful experiences with the sport and have agreed that it is one of the best ways to stay in shape and healthy all year round. If you are looking for great methods of climbing, then read on. Deciding on the right type of climbing for you can be a challenging task, but this article will help you out.


3 Types of Climbing

If you want to try out climbing without any harnesses or ropes, then bouldering is the right choice for you. Bouldering takes climbing to a different experience as it allows you the freedom to climb freely. When bouldering it is important to remember that safety is still of the utmost priority. Practice first indoors where there are mats that are there to catch you if you fall. When bouldering don’t be afraid to fail. As you improve your strength the skill it becomes easier to climb using the bouldering method. Bouldering is great for first time and armature climbers who want to build their techniques so they can move on to more challenging climbing types.

Rock Climbing

3 Types of Climbing

Rock climbing is both an indoor and outdoor sport, which you can choose depending on your preference. Usually, beginners start with an indoor rock climbing wall guided by a belayer. It requires a harness to keep to fastened and secure in case of falling. While bouldering is usually kept closer to the ground, rock climbing takes you to greater heights. Rock climbing is done with you attached to one end of the rope with a harness and the belayer on the other end, feeding the rope as you climb higher. The belayer is also there to help you back down once you’ve reached the top.

Sports Climbing

3 Types of Climbing

Once you are ready for outdoor climbing, you can try sports climbing. Sports climbing is a method that makes use of single or multi pitched routes that have bolts and anchors directly drilled into the rock. These bolts and anchors are where you will clip your rope to make sure that if you slip you only slip up to the last bolt you clipped onto. When sports climbing it is important to make sure you have a good mentor and developer. The mentor will teach you how to climb properly while the developer will lay out the path to be climbed through inputting the bolts and anchors.

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