Part 2: The Three Best Climbing Games

As mentioned in the previous article, climbing is a very fulfilling sport that keeps you in top-notch shape will improve your agility and flexibility. One way to improve upon your skills as a rock climber is through fun games and competitions among your group that improve focus and attention to detail. Here is another list of fun games you can participate in as a way to improve your skills in climbing. Moreover, climbing games are good for unlocking beta, which means further adding to your experience as a climber.

Lucky Draw

3 Best Climbing Games –Part 2
3 Best Climbing Games –Part 2

The lucky draw game can be played solo or in a group. It has simple playing mechanisms and the outcome of the game is different every time it is played. This makes for a diverse gaming experience. When it comes to training the goal of the game is to improve your creative thinking, sequence creation, and unlocking beta.

How to Play

  • First, you need to cut up small pieces of paper and write down the different climbing maneuvers.
  • Then, put all the pieces into a bag or hat.
  • Without looking into the bag, pull out four pieces of paper.
  • The person climbing will then have to use the drawn moves to create a sequence that uses all the moves drawn.
  • The winner or winners are those who can complete the sequence making use of all the moves drawn for them.

Climbing Golf

3 Best Climbing Games –Part 2
3 Best Climbing Games –Part 2

This game is termed as such because it uses the principles of golf, which is to complete the whole in as few shots as possible. Rather, the goal of climbing golf is to complete the the sequence in as few holds as possible. Climbing golf helps improve your endurance, dead point movement, dynamic movement, and route-finding. This game requires at least two players.

How to Play

  • Before starting the game, participants need to plan at least six marked routes of boulder problems that match the skill level of the participants. Each route represents a gold course hole.
  • Participants then take turns completing the first route using as little holds as possible. The holds are the equivalent to the strokes in golf.
  • Should the climber fall off the wall, there is a penalty of three strokes
  • As each person completes the route, keep track of the number of holds they use using a scorecard
  • Repeat the process for all routes until they are completed
  • The winner is the climber who has used the least number of holds to complete all the sequences.

Hot Lava

3 Best Climbing Games –Part 2
3 Best Climbing Games –Part 2

Hot lava is one of the easiest and best rock climbing games you can play. Therefore, making it great for all skill levels. You can opt to play the game alone or in a group. Hot lava is great in testing your route finding skills and building your endurance.


  • String
  • Usual climbing gear

How to Play

  • Fist off, mark of an area of the climbing wall with string.
  • The string acts as the barrier. Areas within the string are the “hot zone” and climbers cannot use any holds within the marked off areas.
  • Choose a starting point and a finishing point on the wall.
  • Participants must climb up or across the wall from beginning to end without using any of the holds in the “hot zone”.
  • If they cross the “hot zone” they are out.
  • Last man standing is the winner.

For more climbing games that you can use to advance your skills check out the next article, Best Climbing Games- Part 3!

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