3 Best Climbing Games –Part 1

Climbing is a very enjoyable activity that gives you a sense of accomplishment like no other sport. Many climbers enjoy the thrills of climbing regardless of the risks involved. As a climber, it is important to practice your skills through constant training and exercise. It is important to keep in shape and work on your agility, flexibility, and strength. One way to do this is through climbing games. Climbing games are done with multiple players and are a fun way to stay in shape while also practicing your skills. Here are three fun climbing games you can play with your buddies.

Climbing Twister

Climbing Twister takes the classic Twister game and applies it to rock climbing. This activity can be done both indoors or outdoors. The benefit of the game is to teach you new manuvers in climbing. Additionally, it teaches you how to find different hand and footholds that you wouldn’t usually use.

To play the game you need a climbing ropes, a harness and a Twister spinner. If you don’t have a Twister spinner you can download one on the app store.

How to Play:

  • One person spins the spinner for the first player. The layer must then follow the instructions to move their legs or arms either left or right onto a hand or foothold.
  • The spinner then spins again and the climber must follow the instructions.
  • The process is repeated until the climber can no longer follow the instructions.
  • The second play then begins their turn while the other spins.
  • The winner is determined by whomever was able to climb the highest.


Add-on is a bouldering game that tests your endurance, memorization and route finding skills. It is advisable to play the game indoors, though it can also be played outdoors. You need to special equipment or gear to play the game. All you need is 2 or more players to start.

How to Play:

  • Each player starts off with three lives.
  • If a player loses all three lives they are out of the game.
  • The group first chooses a climbing sequence of 3 to 4 moves then decides which player will go first.
  • The next person will have to copy the same route. If they are successful, then they can add on one sequence. If not, they lose a life.
  • The following person will then do the same route with the added sequence.
  • The game goes on until the remaining players reach the top or there is
  • no more space.


Eliminator is a climbing game that can be done alone or with a group. You can also choose weather to play indoors or outdoors. The benefits of this game include creative route-finding and dynamic movement. No special gear is needed except the usual gear.

How to Play:

  • First you choose a route or boulder problem that suites the skill level and limitations of the participants.
  • Each participant takes a turn in completing the route set.
  • Once everyone has completed the route, one player chooses a move to eliminate from the route. Making it harder to complete the sequence next time.
  • In each round another move is removed from the sequence until only one person can complete the route or the route becomes to difficult to complete.

For more climbing games that you can use to advance your skills check out the next article, Best Climbing Games- Part 2!

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